My Tedx Talk: Writing ourselves into History

On 18th February 2016 I had the pleasure of delivering a Tedx talk entitled “Writing ourselves into history”. My talk was centred around the importance of remembering our various histories as black Africans. I am always amazed at how little I knew about my own history by the time I had started university, and how that limited my understanding of my past, present and how I envisioned my future. Remembering our histories is a political act. It is an act that fights against the violence of erasure and silencing Africans face in mainstream media constantly.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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Carefree black girl in the making, trying to adult. I write on anything that tickles my fancy, but mostly womanism, the political as the personal, and African narratives. I'm also learning to love my melanin more and more.

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